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June 6, 2023 – Various types of applications that you can download via Playstore, of course all of them have their own performance which is quite useful for you to take advantage of. For example, watching viral Facebook videos, which you can later do very easily via Maxtube

Apart from the Maxtube application, of course there are many other applications that have very superior performance for you to take advantage of now. Especially now that there are several Mod applications that will clearly provide superior functions compared to the original version.

The best application of 2022 to watch Facebook viral videos in full HD


Download a application in a modified version, of course it will be a distinct advantage that you can get later. Because what is clear, the system in the Mod application will be far superior to the application in the original version, especially in the features section.

IN 2022 the latest Mod application appears which you can later download for free and with different functions. Some of you may still be a little confused about the latest type of Mod application that Mimin is referring to, so with that you can listen to the following list of applications:

1. Simontok APK


The first is the Simontok APK application, which by using the Simontok APK you will definitely find lots of dancing videos. All the videos that you can find in it, including several types of videos that are on Facebook and also Youtube

The average video that you can find in it is a viral video whose existence is indeed very much sought after by everyone. Therefore, you can download the application that Mimin recommends this first and watch all the video shows in it.

Application Name Simontok APK
Size 23MB
Version v7.3.4
Updates August 2022
OS Android 10+

2. Maxtube


In an application called Maxtube, each of you will be able to find tons of interesting videos coming from the Youtube application. And for all of these videos, later you can download them very easily so you can save them to the cellphone that you have.

The video resolution that you can download from this application will later allow you to be able to watch it comfortably. All applications already provide a 4K video download feature which will give a distinct impression when you watch the video.

Application Name Maxtube
Size 29MB
Version v7.3.4
Updates July 2022
Price Free

3. Clip Clips


An interesting video content that comes from abroad, of course, will be the most exciting content that you can watch. Where you can get all of this content later from Clip Claps which always provides a lot of interesting content from around the world.

Only by downloading and registering in the application, you will be able to watch all of these entertainment programs later. So there is no need for a subscription process that you need to do, because here Mimin will guarantee that the videos available are very interesting for you to watch.

Application Name Clip Clips
Size 34MB
Version Latest
Updates August 2022
OS Android 10+

4. NoNo Live


Thanks to the presence of the NoNoLive application, you don’t need to feel confused anymore if you want to find a live streaming event. Because there are already hundreds of famous VJs from Indonesia, streaming them with a show each which is quite interesting for you to watch.

NoNo Live was developed by a third party which with this modified version you will find lots of advantages. And all these advantages will allow you later, to be able to meet face to face with vjs who are broadcasting live streaming events.

Application Name NoNo Live
Size 67MB
Version v2.4.2
Price Free
installed 10,000,000+

5. Gogo Live

Video-Viral-Facebook-Children-High School-Chindo-Pain

If you like watching live streaming shows, then you can now install an application called Gogo Live. So in the Gogo Live application you will find thousands of live streaming events brought live by professional VJs from around the world.

For those of you who like to do exciting activities, of course you can create your own streaming shows, by taking advantage of the features available in it. This application will also provide many superior features for you which will definitely make you feel entertained by the existence of the application.

Application Name Gogo Live
Size 56MB
Version v8.4.
Price Free
installed 5,000,000+

6. Gratiseo TV APK


Watch English league and Indonesian league matches for free, later you can do it via Gratiseo TV APK. So in this one application, each of you will be able to watch a league match, through the best channels from all over the world.

You can watch football matches through this application for free, without the need to subscribe again. And the video quality that you get is also very high, which will certainly provide many benefits for you later.

Application Name Gratiseo TV APK
Size 15MB
Updates August 2022
Price Free
Ratings 4,7

7. Snack Videos


Thanks to the presence of the Snack Video application, now you can watch interesting videos and earn coins from carrying out the tasks in it. So with this application your task is not only to watch videos, but also to carry out several types of exciting missions that have been provided.

Starting from inviting friends to logging in daily, later this will allow you to get coins from this application. Then for the coins that you have successfully collected, they can be immediately exchanged into a FUND balance.

Application Name Snack Videos
Size 55MB
Version v3.5.3
Price Free
installed 50,000,000+

8. VidNow


By utilizing the VidNow application, you will also find tons of exciting and newest videos from all over the world. Thanks to the presence of this application, each of you will be able to watch interesting videos while making money in it.

Because almost every day, the VidNow application always shares a collection of updated videos from all corners of the world. Then you will receive coins when you finish watching the video, then we can exchange the points for real currency.

Application Name VidNow
Year of Release 2021
Version Latest
Price Free
Ratings 4,4

9. Read Plus


One of the most important applications that you can download right now, is an application called Baca Plus. By using this application, each of you will be able to get a large selection of interesting news from all corners of the world.

For all the news that you can find from the Baca Plus application, it is presented in the form of articles which of course you can open very easily. So that’s what you can take advantage of this application, so you can get a lot of interesting information later.

Application Name Read Plus
Size 18MB
Updates August 2022
installed 10,000,000+
Price Free

10. Remini Pro

Remini Pro

Remini Pro Mimin input on the last recommendation, where for this one application it will also be very useful later if you install it on the cellphone that you have. The sophisticated system in it will later help you to be able to get maximum photo results.

So for the system itself, you can use the Remini Pro application to repair a photo that has previously been captured on your cellphone. And one of the most important things is that you can change the appearance of the photo to be more attractive, with such a fast process.

Application Name Remini Pro
Size 47MB
Version v6.3.4
Price Free
Updates October 2022

Here Mimin will guarantee that all the applications that Mimin recommends must have a very good system for you to use. That way you can download one of the Facebook viral video applications, or you may need to download all of the applications.

Because by installing all of these applications on your cellphone, you will feel a significant change in the performance of the cellphone that you are using now. Moreover, you can download and download all of the above applications for free, without the need for a subscription process.

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