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June 6, 2023

WhatsApp Pink Apk lately has indeed become something that attracts the attention of many people right in our country. Many people are curious about this one application because there are pink words that reflect cuteness in it. Therefore, it is the women who talk about this unique application the most.

WA or WhatsApp is an application that is familiar to smartphone users around the world, one of which is the WhatsApp application user is Indonesia. Of course, users are also not surprised that now there are many types of WA Mods that have arrived to the public, including this WhatsApp Pink Apk.

If you are curious about this WhatsApp Pink Apk and want to know more about this application, then please just look at the detailed review below which we will provide.

A Brief Explanation Regarding the Latest WhatsApp Pink Apk Mod 2023

WhatsApp Pink Apk

It is common knowledge among netijens that as an online messaging application with various users in the world, WA has various MOD versions. This WA Mod is of course made by a third party while still considering the official WA form and following the example of the official WA.

All WA Mods are easily spread across various internets so that it is very easy for everyone to choose and use. One of the Wa Mods that has recently become viral among Indonesians is the WhatsApp Pink Apk Mod. There are some people who are curious about this one mod application, especially among women.

As the name implies, this mod apk is of course made by a third party while still following the original WA apk. Apart from that, this WhatsApp Pink Apk Mod will also make your wa look elegant with a touch of pink or pink.

The pink color on WhatsApp Pink Apk is found in all parts of this WhatsApp Mod application. Whether it’s in the front view of the WA or even in the chat section.

Because the existence of this pink color is the main attraction for everyone. How could it not be the pink or pink color that attracts users to use the application. Especially women who really like the pink color.

Apart from its pink color, WhatsApp Pink Apk also attracts the attention of its users with an application display that can be directly accessed via your gadget’s home screen. So it doesn’t take much time to open and reply to someone’s message with this WhatsApp mod application.

Apart from that, in the WhatsApp Pink Apk there are also various additional features from the developer of this application. So that the experience of chatting and calling is even more interesting using this WhatsApp Pink Apk.

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Rows of Interesting Features Owned WhatsApp Pink Apk

WhatsApp Pink Apk

Of course, as a mod APK from WA, WhatsApp Pink has undergone various modifications from the original WhatsApp. This WA Pink mod can be identified clearly from several additional features in this Apk.

Of course, because this is a mod APK made by a third party, it’s natural to find differences between the WA Pink mod and the original WA. This difference can include many things that are found in the two applications, both original WA and WA Pink.

The features presented in WA Pink are actually complete modifications and additions by third parties whose aim is to help their users.

In addition, adding this feature will make users download the WA Pink Mod apk. So that WA Pink mod users continue to grow from time to time.

You can use WA Pink on all types of gadgets that you have with all the operating systems that you have. It can come from cellphones, computers, laptops, Android and iOS.

WA Pink is like any other mod APK. So you can also access this apk for free and there are no fees.

Then what are the new features that are unique and available on WhatsApp Pink? Below are some of the new features embedded in the WhatsApp Pink Apk application.

1. Unique Hidden Media

The first feature that has been offered by the developer in the WhatsApp Pink Apk application is the Unique Hidden Media feature. This feature is there to solve all problems related to hidden media.

With this feature you can view photos that should only be sent once but can be sent multiple times. Apart from that, with this feature you can also see various media and files that have been deleted by other users. So you can know what media he actually sent to you.

This feature will be very useful for viewing various deleted files sent to you. And of course you will only find this feature on the WhatsApp Pink Apk application and you will not find it on the original WhatsApp.

Have you ever been bothered by WA messages or WA calls that occurred when you were busy and you couldn’t reply to them? If so, then this feature will help you solve your problem.

This feature is a feature that replies to someone’s WA automatically using an answer template that you can choose quickly and easily. How to use it is also quite easy, where you only need to choose which template answer message you will use to reply to WA.

2. Sending Forward Messages No Forward Signs

If you use the original version of the WhatsApp application, surely you have tried using the forward message feature in WA. So, on the WhatsApp Pink Apk, there is also a feature that you can use to forward messages or files that someone has sent to you.

This one feature is very useful because you don’t have to be tired of retyping messages or resending files. In addition, this feature will also help you save time and be efficient.

Unfortunately, the forward message feature on the original WhatsApp will have the text message forwarded at the top of the file and message. Of course, this slightly interferes with the appearance of the messages and files that you will forward.

But if you use WhatsApp Pink this won’t happen. Because WhatsApp Pink is made with one of the available features, namely Sending Forward Messages Without Forward Signs.

With you taking advantage of this feature in the Sending Forwarded Messages Application Without Forward Signs, you can get a good display of forwarded messages.

3. Only Certain Numbers Can Call You

In the WhatsApp Pink Apk there is also a feature that you can take advantage of, which is to only allow certain calls. This feature will later block foreign or unknown numbers except for the numbers that you have excluded before.

Even though it looks less useful and unprofitable, this feature is actually very beneficial and useful, friend. There are various benefits that can later be obtained through this feature. Of course, the main feature of this feature is to protect you when using WA.

With this feature, you will never be terrorized by an unknown number. You can also avoid calls that have the potential to spam on your WA. You can even choose who is entitled to contact you.

Of course, this feature is only available on WhatsApp Pink and don’t expect you to find this feature on the original version of WhatsApp.

4. Hide VoiceNote Typing and Recording

In WhatsApp Pink, you can hide typing and recording voice notes. So with this feature you can secretly send messages or voice recorders.

And, those of you who are chatting with your relatives or girlfriends, they won’t know if you are typing a message or recording a voice. Because there is no typing in your wa profile that you have.

In addition, when you record sound or VN, other users will not be able to see your activities. Because again there will be no writing currently recording on the WhatsApp Pink Apk user profile that you have.

5. Reply Messages Automatically

Have you ever been bothered by WA messages or WA calls that occurred when you were busy and didn’t have time to reply? If so, this feature will help you solve your problem.

This feature is a feature to automatically reply to someone’s WA using a reply template that you can choose quickly. The way to use it is also easy, just choose which template you want to use to reply to WA messages.

Link Download Latest WhatsApp Pink Apk 2023 Free Full Version

WhatsApp Pink Apk

For those of you who want to try the sensation of sending via WhatsApp Pink Apk Mod, you must first download the file from WhatsApp. The following is the WhatsApp Pink Apk Mod file link which you can download easily.

Application Name WhatsApp Pink Apk
Size 66MB
Version Latest 2023
Download links HERE

Effective Ways to Install WhatsApp Pink Apk on Android & IOS Devices

If you have already downloaded the WhatsApp Pink Apk via the link above, then the next step is to install it manually. Below are the steps on how to install the WhatsApp Pink Apk.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded the apk from the link that we have prepared above
  2. If so, you can open the settings then enter arrangement privacy.
  3. Then, just tick the allow download apk from third parties in the privacy menu.
  4. If it is already active, please open it File Manager>>Download Folder>>Click Install in the apk file.
  5. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  6. Done and good luck trying

That’s all the information we can convey regarding the WhatsApp Pink Apk and please understand this review carefully so that no errors occur. Maybe that’s all from us thank you….

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