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June 6, 2023

You can get various conveniences in accessing bokeh videos now when using the Yandex Blue Thailand mobile application.

As with other applications, later you can find various kinds of interesting and quality video content that you can watch only with the cellphone that you have.

Of course, the various video shows that have been presented are free from censorship and have a fairly good quality.

Right now, you will get various conveniences if you want to watch a variety of quality bokeh videos with a site or application. Intrigued by this?

If you want to know all kinds of information, don’t worry, because has provided it for all of you below.

Yandex Blue Thailand’s Best Bokeh Video Editing Application Full Version 2022


For those of you who want to use the Yandex Blue Thailand site, of course there are several applications that you can use to be able to access it easily.

With the help of these applications, later you can more smoothly watch or make videos directly without fear of interruptions and problems.

A number of the applications that we are going to share are already quite popular, so you really don’t need to hesitate anymore to choose one or several of these kinds of applications.

There are lots of advantages if you use the recommendations for the latest 2022 bokeh editor application. You don’t have to wait any longer, please see in full as follows.

Bokeh Lens


As most other people have said, we can use the Bokeh Lens application to make a photo that looks as good as using a DSLR.

But with this application, you can freely make various kinds of bokeh photo and video editing by utilizing the tools available in this Bokeh Lens.

If you try to use it, you will get the various advantages that have been provided in the Bokeh Lens APk.

Application Name Bokeh Lens
Developed by Accordion
Downloaders 100K+
Apk size 20MB
Download Links Here



You can use this one application to easily edit bokeh photos and videos called Instabokeh. With this application you will find various kinds of advantages.

Because with you using this application, with only your cellphone, you can create various bokeh videos with high-quality results.

To be able to enjoy these various conveniences, you can simply download the application via the App Store or Play Store. To make it easier and faster for you, you can also click the link below.

Application Name Instabokeh
Developed by mudgree
Downloaders 100K+
Apk size 21MB
Download Links Here

AfterFocus Camera


You can use the AfterFocus Camera application downloads on Google Play as well as the App Store. You can download it for free without having to subscribe.

There are 2 modes that you can use to select the focus and blur sections so you can mark which one of the applications you want to focus on later.

To produce a quality bokeh video or image, you can do it in AfterFocus very easily without worrying about anything.

Application Name AfterFocus Camera
Developed by MotionOne
Downloaders 10 Million+
Apk size 36MB
Download Links Here

Photo Editor by Aviary


Photo Editor by Aviary is quite a popular app on the Play Store and has been downloaded by more than a million people from all over the world.

Not only can you add blur effects with this application, but you can also apply these things automatically later.

Application Name Photo Editor by Aviary
Developed by AppIG
Downloaders 5Million+
Apk size 35MB
Download Links Here

PicsArt Photo Studio


Lots of users already know that if they edit through PicsArt Photo Studio they will definitely come back.

There are lots of advantages in PicsArt Photo Studio, such as saturation, glitch, color grading, moving tools and many others in this PicsArt Photo Studio.

You don’t need to doubt this editing application, because by using this application you will be able to easily create quality content.

Application Name PicsArt Photo Studio
Developed by PicsArt Inc
Downloaders 500 Million+
Apk size 42MB
Download Links Here

Cymera Collage Beauty Editor


Cymera Collage Beauty Editor is an application that can be used to edit photos and videos with just one step.

The advantage of this application is that you can adjust the focus in an area with the help of a number tools and you can more easily apply it to your photos or videos.

Application Name Cymera Collage BeautyEditor
Developed by SK Communications
Downloaders 100 Million+
Apk size 38MB
Download Links Here

Lens Blur


This one application is specifically for those of you who want to look like professionals and don’t want to bother with confusing editing tools.

Lens Blur can be your right choice to form a bokeh background with various filter effects.

How to use it is also fairly easy, because you are only users, you can immediately make bokeh photos here.

Application Name Lens Blur
Developed by Isara INC
Downloaders 100JK+
Apk size 19MB
Download Links Here



This famous application can be installed on iPhone and Android devices. Snapseed is one of the best editing applications that you must try.

In this application you can edit the results of which will be automatically adjusted to the light and brightness of your color.

With just one tap, later you will automatically see the results of the bokeh or blur editing functions that you might not find in other similar applications.

Application Name Snapseed
Developed by Google LLC
Downloaders 100 Million+
Apk size 35MB
Download Links Here

Camera HD Blur


By using this HD Blur Camera, you can make bokeh photos very easily and will really focus on your photo editing point.

All of you can use this application on all devices smartphonesranging from standard spec applications to high specs can use it.

This bokeh editor application is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother doing editing that can take up a lot of time.

Application Name Camera HD Blur
Developed by TechJack
Downloaders 10 Million+
Apk size 18MB
Download Links Here

Lens portrait


This application does not only focus on bokeh or blur effects, but you can determine the light and effects that you want to apply later to your project.

Another advantage of this application is that there is an AI, where this feature will edit your photos automatically without the need for manual methods anymore.

These features are usually found in current premium applications, if you want to use them, you have to pay a certain amount of money first.

Application Name Lens portrait
Developed by Prisma Labs Inc
Downloaders 10 Million+
Apk size 31MB
Download Links Here

List of the latest 2022 Yandex Blue Thailand bokeh applications,, you can use one of them so you can access the Yandex site without problems and safely.

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