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June 1, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – Chips are one of the most important things in Higgs Domino games. If the chip runs out, you can do some tips for how to top cheap Higgs Dominoes which we will explain to all of you below.

This modern card game that can be played on smartphones has become one of the best-selling games, especially in Indonesia. A game called Higgs Domino Island is one of the most favorite card games in Indonesia.

The many game modes offered, make this game feel more exciting to play and certainly the players don’t feel bored. The original currency in this game, called chips, is one of the important items that players must have in participating in competitions.

So knowing how to top up Higgs Domino from this game, of course, is something that you have to understand when playing this game.

The Importance of Chips in the Higgs Domino Island Game

higgs domino game chips

The various game modes offered are indeed very exciting and not boring for all of you to play. Choose one of the game modes available in it, and take part in competitions to make money is what you can do.

Chip ownership for players is something that is important when they want to enter competitions and try to make money in it.

In each of these game modes, there are varying levels of difficulty and benefits for players.

But of course this will be much easier for you to get, when you have a sufficient number of chips or are commensurate with what you want to play. So instead of that you can fill in as many chips as possible, because the profit you will get later is guaranteed to be bigger.

How to Top Up Higgs Domino Chips with Credit

top up higgs domino

The top up feature in the Higgs Domino Island game has indeed been provided by the developer with the aim of making it easier for players to refill chips.

However, because of the lack of elements provided by this feature, some people are more interested in topping up in other ways.

Incidentally, top up, especially in the Higgs Domino Island game, can be done in a very easy process. Of course, this convenience is based on the many top-up services that can be visited easily and with a safe process.

Even so, there are still many players who don’t know how to top up, especially for ordinary players. So that rumahkeadilan.co.id has made this Higgs Domino Island top up method, with the hope that all of you can do it with the right process.

1. Top Up Through Codashop

how to top up higgs domino codashop

Codashop is one of the favorite top up places, which you can easily visit via the browser on your device. Of course, it’s not just the Higgs Domino Island game, but Codashop can also be used to top up several other games.

But since we’re discussing how to top up the Higgs Domino game, you can find out the following steps.

  1. First visit the site Codashop via your cellphone browser.
  2. Then in the next step you will be shown with several types of games.
  3. Just continue by selecting the game Higgs Domino Island.
  4. Input ID games in your account.
  5. Continue to select or type in the nominal chips what you need.
  6. You choose one Payment method which you want to use. It provides Fund, Ovo, and Bank Transfer payment methods.
  7. If you have chosen a payment method then you continue with selecting Buy now.
  8. When you want to pay via Ovo, you can click on the view menu Ovo.
  9. And then input OVO number you keep clicking Carry on.
  10. After that, all you have to do is follow the instructions that will be given to you in the process of completing the top up.

2. Top Up Via the Unipin Site

top up higgs domino at unipin

This top up game site, which is very similar to Codashop, will also allow you to top up chips on Higgs Domino.

The steps to top up from this site are also very easy, because for each filling, customers will be given directions. But to make it a little easier for you to top up, you can listen and follow the following tutorial.

  1. First of all, visit the site Unipin via Browsers.
  2. Then you select a game Higgs Domino on the display provided.
  3. Enter nominal Coin or chips what you want to buy.
  4. Continue by selecting Payment method such as via Ovo, Dana, Go Pay, up to via Bank Transfer.
  5. We give an example of you using the Funds platform, then you choose Buy now.
  6. Fill in or enter the email address that you have.
  7. After that you put it back in Fund No what you have.
  8. Switch to the application Fundthen you select the menu Bill.
  9. Make a payment, and the Chip will enter your account.

3. Domino Chip Top Up Via Using Credit (Telkomsel, XL, Indosat)

top up higgs domino with credit

The most common way to top up is done by players today, is to fill it up by exchanging credit.

Because the process is not complicated, players often take advantage of chip top-ups by exchanging credit. And still, not all players can do it, so we have provided the steps below.

  1. Open games Higgs Domino what you have.
  2. Then proceed to select the menu VIPs which is located below.
  3. Click one of the options that says Top Up in menus VIP Gifts.
  4. Then you enter or select a nominal chips what you want to buy now.
  5. Proceed with filling in or customizing the type Provider which you use, can be Telkomsel, XL, Indosat or Smartfren.
  6. Fill in the option section one by clicking Buyand don’t forget to make sure that your credit is enough.
  7. And for the last step you can fill in Passwords from your account.

4. Top Up Using a DANA Account

how to top up higgs domino using funds

The final recommendation for the next safe Higgs Domino top up is to use the Dana application. Doing a top up method with this method, of course, will be very suitable, especially for those of you who don’t want to go out to just buy Domino chips.

As well as in carrying out the top up process as well, you can do this easily or not by following the steps below.

  1. First open and login on FUND Account you first.
  2. On the front page, select the menu Mobile Games which is located at the bottom.
  3. Proceed with selecting Higgs Domino and select again Top Up.
  4. Enter the amount of Nominal the top up you want.
  5. Next input ID Higgs Domino account.
  6. If a choice of payment options appears, click Options Fund and click Pay.
  7. Finished.

Those are some easy ways for those of you who want to top up chips on your Higgs Domino game account in the easiest and fastest way, hope this helps!

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