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June 1, 2023 – Increasingly sophisticated technology makes many things easily accessible, including bokeh videos, which you can get anywhere, whether it’s available on a site or an application that specifically provides these things, for example, the video link for artist R went viral when That.

You can get the complete package along with other entertainment in one application, now those are the applications that Mimin will share with those of you who don’t know. For now, photo editing applications have been widely circulated in the market, you can produce sexy photos with the help of these applications, take a look at some of them.


For those of you who like entertainment content, this series of applications seems right for you. Especially if you are involved in the editing world today, of course you will need editing applications that will support your work so that you can get good results later.

You can take advantage of some of the applications that Mimin will recommend, because this platform is trusted and has millions of users, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore in downloading it, now you can listen to what applications you can use to watch viral artist video links.

1. VSCO Cam


The first application that you can use is VSCO Cam, photography lovers certainly know this. You can use VSCO Cam to edit the bokeh photos that you have obtained, and it turns out that they are equipped with adequate features and filters so that you can get clear and neat results when you look at them.

It doesn’t stop there, VSCO Cam is considered more artistic when compared to other photo editing applications. That’s because, VSCO Cam is able to support both hand dirty style and vintage style at the same time, besides that there are several colors that you can highlight through the exposure, shadow, and highlight features.

You can see a simple, simple, and stunning impression after the editing results are complete. Not only being able to edit photos, you can also interact with other users, even fairly live because you can do it directly. The communities formed make the editing experience more refined.

Application Name VSCO Cam
Size 56MB
Price Free
installed 100 million+
Version 291.2

2. Pixlr


The second photo editing application is Pixlr, where its popularity is not inferior to other photo editing. Abundant artistic features make this application used as a shortcut for people who want to have photos with visual beauty.

There are various attractive offers that you can get, including effects, overlays, borders, and many others. The simple appearance and neat spatial placement make pixlr applicable to anyone, even new users.

You can choose the JPG, PNG, JPEG, PXD, and PSD formats if you want to download and save them on your cellphone. This application is connected directly to your social media, so if you wish to share your work, you can share it directly via the buttons provided.

To avoid annoying advertisements you need to subscribe to this application, that way you will also get premium access because you can use some locked filters. But you can still use the free one even though some ads will appear later.

Application Name Pixlr
OS Android 6.0+
Size 31.117MB
Version 3.4.65
Price Free

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

If you often hear the term Adobe in the world of editing, that’s true because some of the editing processes on PCs use Adobe, for example, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and various other versions of Adobe.

This time, Adobe is expanding its wings by launching a version of Adobe Lightroom for smartphones, in other words, Adobe can’t only be used on a PC but is also available on your smartphone. You don’t need to doubt the completeness of its own features, of course, Adobe hasn’t left behind its old characteristics that you can find on a PC.

Adobe Lightroom is able to refine to sharpen your photos, besides that you can also remove objects that you don’t think are right when seen by naked eye, for filtering yourself you can adjust it according to your taste or you can also choose filters that are already available.

Application Name Adobe Lightroom
OS Android 8.0+
Size 115MB
Version 8.0.0
Downloads 100 million+

4. Cymera Photo Editor

Cymera Photo Editor

The next application that can be your alternative in editing a bokeh photo is Cymera Photo Editor. Around 7 lenses, 4 recordings and 20 filters are available to you if you use this application, you can also take advantage of the various stickers and filters that are already available.

Just like Adobe Lightroom earlier, you can select and remove parts of the image that you find disturbing. The performance is quite good and the way to use it is very easy to load the xymera photo editor much sought after today. You can also share your edits directly to your social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Application Name Cymera Photo Editor
Version 4.3.8
Size 96.19 MB
OS Android 4.0+
Updates September 12, 2022

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Now you can not only use Adobe Photoshop on your laptop/PC but also on your smartphone, because Adobe has launched Adobe Photoshop Express. The usability and features that have been tested nicely have made many people switch to this application.

Starting from flipping photos, cropping, rotating, straigten, and others, you can find them here. Not throwing away the features that are in the PC, this application allows you to clean up every work with the removal and blemish features. The appearance itself is very simple and minimalist so that anyone can understand it.

Application Name Adobe Photoshop Express
Version 8.6.1002
Size 82.49MB
OS Android 7.0+
Downloads 100 million+

6. PicsArt


Millions of users already trust their photo editing using this application, if you are interested, of course, you can also use PicsArt as a way of the ninja in editing existing photos. You are free to explore every tool to feature here, so you can express yourself now.

Not only about editing, Picsart has also provided various collage templates which of course you can use after your editing process is complete. This template is able to beautify your image results and make your Instagram posts even more beautiful.

Application Name picsart
OS Android 6.0+
Updates October 6, 2022
Size 41.37MB
Downloads 500 million+

7. Unfold


To get photos with the best results, you can use this Unfold application to edit every photo you want to upload on social media, for example, like Instagram. Not even just photos, but you can also edit videos here.

This platform is commonly used to help with story needs on Instagram, because there are various instagramable templates available. With this platform, your needs for stories, reels, and posts can be met. There is no need to doubt the results, where you can get photos with the best results that are somewhat exotic and artistic.

Application Name Unfold
Size 102MB
Version 8.17.1
OS Android 5.1+
Price Free



Another application that you can use to edit bokeh photos to make them look sexier is Snapseed. This application has 28 mainstay features and you can use it for free without the need to subscribe first, Mimin highly recommends this application because it is easy to use.

Various senepseed features that you can use, such as Vintage, Drama, Retrolux, Grunge, Tilt Shift, to a number of other features. Another advantage that you can get is being able to convert the DNG or RAW format to JPG format even though the quality will decrease.

Just like other platforms that are able to share their work on social media accounts, here you can do that too. Or you can also save it first in the gallery and then share it with your closest friends.

Application Name Snapseet
OS Android 5.0+
Size 22.94MB
Downloads 100 million+

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