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June 2, 2023 – Who doesn’t know WhatsApp as a medium of communication at this point? Yes, of course with very interesting features that make this application more and more popular in various circles. However, do you already know about CooCoo WhatsApp APK?

So, you need to know that CooCoo WhatsApp is the WA application that has been upgraded to the latest version, this is done because you want to create the latest features that are very interesting for young people to use.

Like you use the original application, you can only set the black and white theme. It’s different from you using the WA Mod application.

So, you will also be given the opportunity to change any theme in the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Because there are still lots of interesting features that have been provided from the WA Mod application.

With the curiosity that is often expressed by these users, it makes us feel interested in providing the download link for the CooCoo WhatsApp Mod APK update below.

Get to know the CooCoo WhatsApp Application

cooco whatsapp

As has been said earlier, that CooCoo WhatsApp is an application from the original WA that has been upgraded by the developer.

With this upgraded application, the developer has deliberately done this to create a distinct advantage for its users. The thing that is meant by this advantage is that, of course, it will focus on a WhatsApp feature that is available in it.

Because the WhatsApp application has its own original version, only a few features are available in it – that’s all and it’s very boring for its users.

So, this matter is also one of the factors that makes original WA users switch to the WA Mod application, because the features of this WA Mod are very interesting. And maybe, some of you also often feel bored with what is provided by the original version of WhatsApp, isn’t it.

One thing you should know, that the WhatsApp Mod application like this already has a new variant. So, you also have to be more careful in finding and downloading the WhatsApp Mod application that you want to use.

Because if you make the wrong choice, then the loss that you don’t want to get will definitely occur at an unknown time. And if something like this really happens, then you can be sure that a loss like this will be very troublesome.

Therefore, we highly recommend downloading the CooCoo WhatsApp application, via the download link that we have provided.

Because we will guarantee that the CooCoo WhatsApp application that we provide will be very safe for you to use. So, to make sure that you are increasingly interested in this application, it is better if you can listen to all the feature reviews listed below.

Why You Should Use CooCoo WhatsApp Mod APK?

update coocoo whatsapp mod apk

As we mentioned above, that CooCoo WhatsApp will provide a distinct advantage for its users. And the benefits provided will focus on a superior feature that is fully available in it.

So, it is certain that the features contained in CooCoo WhatsApp will not be found in the original wa nature.

To find out more fully and clearly, then please refer to a feature review that we have provided in the following summary below.

1. Various Types of Themes Available

The various types of themes contained in this WhatsApp Mod do indeed provide a distinctive feature for the application.

And also the existence of this feature is also the main factor, that many original WA users have switched to this WA Mod. Make sure all of you already know that the types of themes found on the original WhatsApp only have two types of themes.

Namely a dark theme that is not too busy to use and a light theme which is the most familiar theme to use.

So, in this CooCoo WhatsApp application, later you will be provided with hundreds or even thousands of types of themes, you know. And what is certain, you can immediately apply the existence of this theme to the chat screen of your CooCoo WhatsApp.

2. More Complete Privacy Features

In addition to the abundant types of themes, this very complete privacy feature is also a distinctive feature, for a chat application called CooCoo WhatsApp.

You can use this feature to increase the security contained in your personal data from your CooCoo WhatsApp. Apart from that, you can also use this feature to disable some of the options available in it.

Like, anti-delete messages, hide online status, hide ticks, to see statuses that have been deleted by your contact friends.

Features like this, of course, will be very impossible for you to access, even found in the original WhatsApp. So, many original WhatsApp users have switched and used the WhatsApp Mod variant of CooCoo.

3. Able to Send Large Files

Sending files in very large sizes is also one of the excellent features that this CooCoo variant WhatsApp Mod has.

With this one feature, it will be possible for users to send a very large number of files in one delivery.

This is definitely very profitable, isn’t it, especially for those of you who often send files for work. Because through the original WhatsApp, you can only send a file, with a very small amount at a time.

However, if you use CooCoo WhatsApp, you can also send files up to 1GB in size in one send.

4. Provide Effect Beauty

This Beauty Effect is one of the superior features that you can only get in the WhatsApp Mod variant of CooCoo. Well, the existence of this one feature will certainly be very suitable for you to use, especially for women.

Because with this feature, you can beautify yourself directly, and add effects according to your wishes. So, you can also produce a photo that maximizes sharing it in stories and with friends.

With this feature too, you don’t have to bother using additional applications which only fill up storage space.

How to Download CooCoo WhatsApp Latest Version 2022

download apk coocoo whatsapp

Now that you already know about the features of the CooCoo WhatsApp Mod application. Of course, you really want to download the application, don’t you worry because we have provided the download link for you below.

Application Name CooCoo WhatsApp
New version V5.11
Mod File Size 55.7MB
Support OS Android 5.0
Price Free
Download links Here

Tutorial Install the CooCoo WhatsApp Application

If the download process has to be done manually, then the installation process must be done manually as well. And to make things easier, you can follow the installation process, through the tutorial that we provide below.

  1. First, you first open the menu Arrangement.
  2. Next, you select the menu Additional Settings.
  3. Then choosePrivacy then activate the option Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources.
  4. If so, then you open it FileManager.
  5. Next, find the folder Downloads or Download History.
  6. Please find filesCooCoo WhatsApp“.
  7. When you find it, click itInstall.
  8. Wait a few seconds for it to finish.
  9. Finally, the application is ready to use.

That’s a full review of the WA Mod application called CooCoo WhatsApp, if you want to download the application, please download via the link that we have provided above.

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