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June 6, 2023 – Focusing on work is good, but every once in a while, of course, you need entertainment, not only your heart, but also your mind. As the way of the ninja, many people prefer to sit back at home and enjoy bokeh videos, one of which is enjoying the viral tiktok video link with a long duration.

Currently, finding bokeh links is not difficult, many sites have provided these links for you, and many developers have even provided special applications for watching bokeh. So, this time Mimin will share with you a reference for editing bokeh videos on a PC.


Now you can open bokeh videos from anywhere, you can go through an application to a site that displays bokeh links, you can choose an alternative among all that exist. Through these things, you can finally open the Tik Tok Museum video that went viral on Telegram.

Mimin will recommend several applications, both modifications or originals that function to make bokeh videos yourself, by editing them in video editing applications. This is the TikTok viral video link that you can use on your laptop/PC, Mimin has summarized it for you.

1. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

In editing bokeh videos, you can use trusted video editing applications, one of which is Corel Video Studio Ultimate. This application allows you to make a multitasking film with color settings and gradations as you wish, you can make these films from a collection of photos and videos that are already in your gallery.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate is classified as intuitive, where all people and age levels can learn and understand this application easily. What’s more, you can get optimal performance, good masking, lots of color gradations, smart video tools to a number of premium effects that you can use.

The advantage of this application is that it is able to fix a recording that is shaky and looks blurry through the ProDad Marcelli feature. Taking pictures is indeed tricky, sometimes our grip misses and results in bumpy video results, fortunately now there is Corel Video Studio Ultimate so your editing results are even better.

If you are interested, this application provides a 30-day trial for you before being asked for a handling fee. With qualified advantages, Corel Video Studio Ultimate costs $ 99.99 or 1.4 million rupiah within one year.

Application Name Corel Video Studio Ultimate
Version 8.1.12
Updates October 14, 2022
Size 98.47MB
Downloads 10 million+

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Previously, Adobe Premiere Pro only functioned as a photo editing tool, but now a new variant is available where you can edit photos and videos at the same time. Adobe Permiere offers a myriad of advantages and convenience in editing photos and videos, and there are also features that support the success of this application.

It is common knowledge that Adobe is an expert in making editing software that is popular with the wider community, of course it is supported by all the features and advantages it has such as monitor capture, trim monitor, dynamic video clips, 12 audio effects, 45 video effects, and of course there are many others.

You can find 30 kinds of transitions in this application, so that the transition between one clip and another looks more dynamic and impressive, 5 of them are of high quality like NVIDIA or AMD.

Application Name Adobe Premiere Pro
Version 1.4
Size 12.74MB
Updates July 16, 2022
Downloads 10 million+

3. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Another application that you can use to edit bokeh videos is Adobe After Effects, where this application has a simple appearance with powerful capabilities, for example, making animations, tracking, locking videos, to good compositing.

Through this application you can make intros, add titles, make transitions, create cinematic images, create moving animations of characters or logos, navigate layouts, to add and remove an object from a clip.

Adobe After Effects will offer you a number of license options, where you can arrange and adjust these licenses to your needs at that time. The subscription fee for this application is $ 27.62 per month.

Application Name Adobe After Effects
Size 12.38MB
Version 1.5
Updates September 7, 2022
Downloads 10 million+

4. Beecut


The next application that you can use in editing bokeh videos is Beecut, this application is the answer to many people’s questions, where you can get all the features of a complete package but can be learned easily, Mimin is sure that in a short time you will be able to use this Beccute as an application your editing.

Doing the dubbing process in the BeeCut application is not complicated, because you can do the recording directly in the application, without the need to record it separately and input it in the editing application. Besides that, you can also change voice recordings to text form or vice versa.

There are still many features that you can get here, such as zooming in on certain scenes, blurring specified parts, supporting subtitles, providing various layer options, Chroma Couting, recording and editing directly in the Beecut application, and many others.

Application Name Beecut
Version 1.43
Size 19.32MB
Updates August 12, 2022
Downloads 10 million+

5. HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro is software that is often used by world-renowned artists, it includes many things about editing, basic things such as titles, compositions, to 3D tools here. Both professional and amateur editors will definitely get smooth edits without gaps.

The presence of HitFilm Pro allows you to produce high-quality videos, because the standard resolution that you can choose is 720p, this figure is certainly large enough to save videos with good quality. But you can also save with even higher quality, namely 4K.

The performance of HitFilm is very good, this is a plus point and also a distinct advantage for the application. You can download it without burdening your PC/Laptop. For all the advantages that are coupled with HitFilm attracts a pretty fantastic price as a subscription fee of 4.9 million.

Application Name hitfilm
Size 20.15MB
Version 2.7
Updates April 11, 2022
Downloads 10 thousand+

6. Shortcuts


Shortcut has been relied on by PC and laptop users for a long time because it offers a friendly interface, you certainly won’t be confused in running it, because it looks so simple and easy to understand even though it’s the first time you see it.

Not only about the interface, Shotcut also offers a number of features that you must try, including teimming, overwrite, lift, ripple delete editing, append, insert, to the video timeline. You can use all the existing features to edit and change a sexy body.

Application Name shortcuts
Size 27.25MB
Version 1.36.0
Updates October 11, 2022
Downloads 5 Million+

7. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is dubbed as an all in one application, where you can get a complete package that allows you to get many features both audio and visual, an interface that looks practical and simple. You can get this application for free, even all Windows operating systems can run it.

Here you can enter transition effects, do color gradations, cut, insert, rotate and split videos, to compile videos. Apart from bokeh videos, of course you can use EaseUS as an editing tool for your work and campus assignments.

Application Name EaseUS Video Editor
Size 23.17 MB
Version 2.56.7
Updates May 30, 2022
Downloads 10 thousand+

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