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May 30, 2023

Baikhati.id – Recently there is a site that is going viral by showing a dirty video of an employer with a maid. The site is spread in the form of an IP address Japanese video of an employer with a maid which is currently viral.

Only with this IP address you can immediately watch videos that are currently viral for free. There are many similar videos on the site that are no less interesting than this viral video.

But how to visit the site using this IP address Therefore, please refer to the explanation given Baikhati.id below so that you can visit the site freely.

How To Visit Site Japanese Video

There are many ways you can open the site without the slightest problem. Let’s see the explanation from Baikhati.id about how to visit this website without the slightest problem.

Actually there is a fairly easy way to visit it via the browser installed on the device. Only by entering the IP address in the browser, you can actually visit the site directly.

But is this site legal to open in the country where you come from? And is it possible that this site still exists? Because some countries prohibit the presence of sites that contain pornographic elements in them and one of them is Indonesia.

In Indonesia, it is prohibited for sites that are spread on their servers to provide information or data that has pornographic elements in it. Therefore not all countries can access this site.

But don’t worry, here Mimin will tell you how to be able to visit the website even though it’s been blocked.

The first way you have to use VPN as a search tool in the browser installed on the device. With a VPN you can enter an overseas server to access this site. Immediately, here’s how:

  1. Download the “vpn” application first,
  2. After that open the browser on your device,
  3. Then type this IP address “” and click search,
  4. Wait a few moments until the site opens in your browser,
  5. Finished.

The second way is that you only need to use the browser installed on the device. Change your search tool to yandex.com to visit the site you want to visit.

With this search tool, you no longer need to install a VPN application as a search tool for your browser. Only with the yandex.com search tool in your browser, you can visit this site. How to? Here’s an explanation of how:

  1. Open the browser installed on your device,
  2. Then change your browser search tool by typing “yandex.com”,
  3. After that, enter the IP address “” and search,
  4. Wait a few moments until the site opens,
  5. Finished.



You can watch anime without the hassle with the application Bstation This is it, and the application is available at play store. In it there are lots of anime that you can watch with HD video quality and it’s very smooth when used.

With this application, you can comfortably marathon anime without fear of forgetting the last episode you watched. Because Bstation comes with a feature that can mark the last episode of the anime you just watched.

Apart from that, you will get notifications of updates to anime episodes that you watch every week. Enter the anime you like into favorites so it’s easy to find the anime when it updates the following week.

The anime provided in this application are not just new anime, guys. Here you can also see old anime that are no less exciting than new anime, guys.

Get this app through play store or app store installed on your device.

Name Bstation
Size 69.52MB
Version 2.36.0
Ratings 3,6
Downloads 50 million+


For you lovers of Asian dramas and films WeTV is a highly recommended application for you to use. This application provides many local films and dramas that you can watch whenever you have free time.

Not just movies and dramas WeTV also features the best anime and variety shows from every country in Asia. Starting from Indonesian film series, Korean dramas, J-dorama or Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas and many more available with Indonesian subtitles.

With this application you will be given a satisfying viewing experience through high-resolution video quality. Here you can watch relaxed and comfortable by adjusting the screen controls and volume.

Name WeTV
Size 46.33MB
Version 5.7.5
Ratings 4.0
Downloads 100 million+

Fizzo Novel

Unlike the previous application, Fizzo Novel is here to provide a novel reading experience for its users. Fizzo Novel has many novels available and can be read for free.

Not only reading novels, here you can also become a novelist by writing down your personal experiences. This application is available online and offline, so you don’t need to worry when you don’t have an internet package.

Name Fizzo Novel
Size 31.14MB
Version 3.8.0
Ratings 4,6
Downloads 10 million+

Manga Toons

Next is the application Manga Toons, an application that is here to provide a variety of manga that can be read for free. Apart from manga, you can also read comics and manhwa which are also provided in this application.

Add to your comic reading experience with various existing genres such as action, comedy, romance, horror and many more. Take advantage of your free time to entertain yourself by reading comics, manga or manhwa.

Name Manga Toons
Size 33.90MB
Version 3.03.02
Ratings 4,3
Downloads 10 million+

Line Webtoons

You can read Indonesian comics, Japanese manga or Korean manhwa using the application Line Webtoons. Read a large collection of manga, comics and manhwa in this application by downloading it.

Find a comic genre that you like and read comics accompanied by cool pictures to add to the fun. You can choose many comic genres ranging from adventure, horror, crime, comedy, romance and many more.

Name Line Webtoons
Size 25.56MB
Version 2.12.4
Ratings 4,7
Downloads 100 million+


Next there Netflix, of course you are familiar with this one application via social media Instagram or TikTok. This application provides many films from abroad and within the country that already have Indonesian subtitles.

This application is quite popular because the image quality provided is very high, even HD. You can enjoy movies comfortably in this application and you can also subscribe to the application so you can open premium films.

Premium movies can only be watched by users who have subscribed to the application. So users who haven’t subscribed can only watch movies that are available and not premium.

Name Netflix
Size 22.12MB
Version 8.66.1
Ratings 3,8
Downloads 1M+

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