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May 30, 2023

Baikhati.id – 185.63.l53.200 On this site you can watch bokeh videos with high resolution. There are many bokeh videos that you can watch by visiting the site via the IP address 185.63.l53.200.

Find bokeh videos that are currently viral on social media, red kebaya, and even scandals with Indonesian artists. By using the IP address 185.63.l53.200, you can watch it comfortably and enjoy the fun.

This site is a site that is prohibited from operating on Indonesian servers because it contains pornographic elements in it. The 185.63.l53.200 site provides various kinds of bokeh videos from many countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand and even Indonesia.

To be able to visit this site you need a link that will admin Baikhati.id give below. There are also many applications that you can use as an intermediary for watching this bokeh video.

The link that can be used to open the 185.63.l53.200 site

To visit a website, of course you need a link in the form of a domain or in the form of an IP address. If you have got a link to the website address then you can visit the website

Here Mimin will tell you some links that you can use to visit websites that produce bokeh videos. Mimin also recommends several useful applications for you.

WPS Office

Sometimes we like to get confused when we have assignments and can’t do them because we’re outside the house. With WPS Office You don’t have to worry anymore about piling up paperwork or thesis assignments.

Because with this one application you can do your paper assignments using your smartphone. Something that is quite helpful when you are having trouble making assignments or thesis.

Apart from that, you can also make power point videos and manage finances using Excel which is available in the application. You can also export the tasks you are working on in the form of pdf files, documents, excel or power point videos.

This application already supports more than 51 languages ​​in the world and many office file formats are available. WPS Office also provides lots of templates that you can use to do assignments, create CVworking on theses and other projects.

This application is very useful for students and even students to help learning. Download the application after viewing the following explanatory table.

Name WPS Office
Size 77.05MB
Released July 21, 2011
Last Update April 4, 2023
Downloads 100 million+


Want to share files or applications without the hassle of using them SHAREit let’s make it easier and faster. You can share data with your closest friends who also install SHAREit Lol.

You can use this application for free too, you only need to activate the hotspot on your device to be able to transfer files. That way you can save on data packages.

With SHAREit You can also download music or videos from the internet and save them on your device for free. This application supports every download of music, photos or videos from more than 100 websites.

The latest features are also present, namely SHAREit music player that can help you to listen to your favorite music. You can also compress video to mp3 or video to audio.

Name SHAREit
Size 28.34MB
Released March 7, 2021
Last Update April 21, 2023
Downloads 100 million+


Messengers is an application that is used to communicate with friends, by exchanging messages, making calls and even video calls. Here you can connect directly with your Instagram friends via this messenger application.

If you use this application you can get privacy settings that can allow you to choose who can contact you. So with this setting, other people cannot contact you carelessly which only contains elements of spam.

Hold online meetings with your friends who are also connected in this application by sending a group video chat link. In this chat you can invite up to 50 people to join without any time limit.

Change the chat theme in the background so that the appearance of receiving your messages is more attractive and not boring. Also invite your friends to watch movies or TV shows through the forum messenger and video chat features.

Name Messengers
Size 52.78MB
Released June 30, 2014
Last Update April 24, 2023
Downloads 5M+


Often times we get calls from unidentified numbers and even fraud. Truecaller offers a security system that can block spam from unknown numbers and is able to identify fraud calls.

This most advanced spam detector is able to block fraudulent calls and SMS automatically to protect you from fraud cases. This application is able to identify who is calling your number even though the person is not registered in your contacts.

This application is very trusted and has been used by more than 300 million users spread all over the world. Truecaller will keep you safe and will not make your contacts public or allow your contacts to be traced.

This application is available in two versions namely the regular user version and the premium user version. Regular users can only enjoy the features available on a limited basis, while premium users can enjoy all the features available without ads.

Name Truecaller
Size 47.95MB
Released May 31, 2012
Last Update April 19, 2023
Downloads 1M+

Bigo Live

Next is the application Bigo Live, an application used to socialize with other people and friends via live streaming or live chat. You will still be able to socialize even if you are far away by just live streaming online.

Bigo live is the most popular live streaming application because there are lots of streaming videos that can entertain you. You can also share your daily activities through this application with fun.

You can also make money through live streaming, which you do every day, just by sharing your fun activities. You will get money through prizes sent by people who feel entertained watching your live stream.

Through this application you can get to know many people from different countries with different diversity. Learn a foreign language by meeting people from a different country than you.

Also get a partner who can understand you by using the closest user search feature in the application. You can start a conversation if you find someone who can make you fall in love.

Name Bigo Live
Size 65.85MB
Released March 10, 2016
Last Update April 20, 2023
Downloads 500 million+

Thank you for reading the explanation regarding the IP address 185.63.l53.200 which is being used virally. Also download some of the admin’s application recommendations Baikhati.id give above this.

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