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May 30, 2023

For those of you who like to meet new people and be around the world. You can try using our recommended application, Omi Mod Apk, which will help you find new friends. Most people who use this application to find acquaintances around the world and make friends online.

You don’t need to worry because the Omi Mod application is equipped with Artificial Intelligence which will always maintain the privacy of your data. So you can meet or get acquainted with new people without worry.

If you usually have to pay a certain amount of money to subscribe to VIP and get VIP affiliates, then this Omi MOD application is different. You are free to choose any partner, starting from regular registered partners or VIPs.

Latest Omi Premium Mod Apk


Omi Mod Apk is an application created to bring together many people from various regions who previously did not know each other. By using this application, it will be easy for you to interact with many people online. In fact, this application can be an opportunity for you to find a partner or friend, there are lots of cool and no less interesting features that will make you interested in using this application.

Omi Mod Apk is designed not only for adults, but teenagers can also use this application, not only making it easier for them to interact with other people, but also can be used as entertainment at home.

For those of you who are still confused about finding friends to confide in, stories about your daily life, joking around together, even to find a partner, this Omi Mod Apk is highly recommended, because apart from using it which is not complicated, this application also has many interesting features that you won’t be able to find. bored to use it.

In this modern era, everything can be done and searched via the internet, of course this will make it very easy for all of us. One of the things that can be done is to search and get information. In addition, there are many digital communication tools that can be used now.

Get to know the features of the Omi Mod Apk


If you use the mod version of the application, of course you will get more features that you can use, of course that will make you more satisfied and flexible.

Even so, this feature is safe and always prioritizes protecting your privacy and is free to use whenever and wherever you like.

Omi Mod Apk has some exciting features and can make it easier for you to get what you want. You can use these features for your pleasure and your will. Here are some of the features provided.

1. Love Style Test / Personality Test

This feature can make it easier for us to find a suitable partner for us. Its function is to know how to personality and also love style that someone has. Everything will be directed to the right partner and match love style owned by each person.

what we have to ensure in this feature is honesty in the test, because it will affect what kind of partner or person we are looking for later. The questions that will be given may be related to what kind of personality we are, which might affect the search.

2. Dating Quiz

This feature makes it easy for you to find a match that matches your character and personality. The way this feature works is by giving some quizzes or questions about yourself. Nahh, so this feature can also make it easier for you to find a suitable partner in this application because by filling in what is suitable for each of you.

In this feature, it is not much different from the first feature, several questions related to a search will be given. The purpose of this feature is to make it easier for us to find the partner we desire. Make sure you also have to fill in correctly and accordingly.

3. Private Voice Call feature

Not only chat, you can also contact your partner directly. With this feature it can make it easier for you to communicate without having to be tired of typing, this feature is suitable for today’s millennials, especially for those of you who are lazy to type.

This feature will connect with other users, but not more than one person, but only the other person. Most of them use this feature to find a partner or girlfriend.

4. Random/Telepath Voice Call

Same as features Voice Calls normally, but in this feature it is not only available to those who have found a partner, but can make random calls. Anyone who will be connected with the call will be able to chat freely.

Usually those who use this are teenagers who want random interactions. Interacting randomly makes it easier for them to share information, share, joke, and even play games together.

Not only teenagers, even small children also use this feature, it may not look good, but mostly they are supervised by adults who are more mature, even have fun together.

5. Omi Click

This feature also has the same function, namely to determine the right partner for you. But not by asking questions about you, but by providing compatibility based on your zodiac. Indeed, there are many things that can be used and must be considered for your suitability.

One example, if you were born in March, it means that you have the zodiac sign Pisces, and the system from the apk will look for which zodiac is suitable and is predicted to be able to interact with you.

You don’t have to be able to understand other people’s feelings, sometimes judging by the zodiac sign you can guess what kind of character that person is, but that’s not necessarily true and needs adjustments.

6. Features No Ads

One of the advantages of this application is that it provides features without ads which are very, very useful for those of you who have to focus who don’t want to be disturbed by advertisements. With this ad-free feature, you will be more comfortable looking for partners and friends without having to worry about being disturbed.

Most apps may contain lots of ads, but on Omi Mod Apk it is free of ads, and you can enjoy interesting features without fear of being interrupted by ads by enabling the no ads feature.

Download Omi Mod Apk Premium Free


After knowing various information related to the application, and also knowing all the features that will help you to search. We can download the application Omi Mod Apk from the following link.

Application Name Omi Mod Apk
Version Latest
Minimum OS By Application (Varies)
Size By Application (Varies)
Download links Download Here

After finishing downloading the application, you can immediately install it manually, on Activation menu install app, unknown source on the device settings by sliding the sign offSo on that way you can immediately allow the application to be downloaded.

Applications can be used immediately, and use applications as wisely as possible.

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