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May 30, 2023

Baikhati.id – Drakor Id is a platform for streaming and downloading Drakor films with Indonesian subtitles. This site is much sought after among Drakor lovers from children and even parents.

As we know, Drakor has become a routine that we usually do when we’re bored at home. This Drakor film is very popular with an interesting storyline starting from the romantic, action and even horror genres.

With the site Drakor id This will definitely make it easier for Drakor lovers to stream and download the series. All Drakor series are available on this site from episode 1 to the end.

Drakor id also provides several Drakor series that are still ongoing or are still being updated every week. That way you can continue to enjoy the Drakor series every week without fear of missing out.

This platform specifically provides all Drakor series with various genres with interesting storylines. You can get all the drakor that you want to watch through this site.

Interestingly, you can also watch TV shows through the features available on the site. You are free to choose the available TV shows when you click on them and search for the movies you like.

On this site you can see the broadcast schedule of each Drakor which is still running every episode. That way you won’t need to miss when you want to watch the Drakor because there is this schedule.

The Drakor Id application is where you can stream the Drakor series with Indonesian subtitles

The Drakor Id application is where you can stream the Drakor series with Indonesian subtitles

Currently, Drakor is one of the dramas that is the choice of young people who are popular to watch. In addition to the good quality of the film, the storyline is very interesting and the actors are handsome and beautiful.

From time to time, there are more and more fans of Drakor series and movies, and many communities have even been formed. One manifestation of this community is the creation of a website Drakor id as a place for streaming Drakor films with Indonesian subtitles.

Even now, the community has started making applications for streaming Drakor films, which are also named Drakor id. This application was made by a community of Drakor lovers to make it easier for fans to watch Drakor on their respective smartphones.

However, this application is made unofficially which is made based on the Drakor lover community only. They use server based AZURE to make the application run smoothly without a hitch.

Even though this application is not official, it can still be used and downloaded via the application play store or app store. This application will continue to provide good service and quality for its users to make it more comfortable using the application.

In this application, it not only provides the Drakor series, but also provides several series from other countries. You can see it in the application and choose which country’s drama series you want to watch.

By using this application you can watch drama series to the end without fear of forgetting each episode. Because you will be able to see all episodes from 1 to the end on just one page.

Interested in downloading it? If so, try to see the table of specifications that have been summarized Baikhati.id below this.

Name Drakor Id
Version 1.4
Size 14.77MB
Operating system Android 4.4 and up
Downloads 5 million+

Existing Features in the Drakor Id Application


Even though this application is made unofficially, the features provided are no less interesting than other streaming applications. In this application there are also many useful and very useful features to help users.

That way it will make the viewing experience more comfortable and safer in the future. No need to go back and forth to open the browser and search for the site to be able to stream the Drakor series that you like.

Only by downloading the application, you can enjoy the Drakor series that you like easily and quickly. With this application you don’t need to be complicated anymore, you just have to open the application and you can stream immediately.

The available features will also help you to be even more comfortable when you are watching your favorite Drakor. Check out some of the features of this application that have been Baikhati.id summarize below.

Series Drakor Id

When you open this application you will immediately enter this one feature and a selection of Drakor series will be displayed. In this feature you will be faced with two options, namely “Just Uploaded” and “On Going”.

The “Just Uploaded” option will display various Drakor series that have recently been updated and have been uploaded to the application. while the “on going” option will display several Drakor series which will be updated in the following days.

With this feature you will find out whenever the drakor you like will be broadcast in this application. And you don’t need to be afraid to miss the series anymore because there is already a schedule provided in the application.

Search Options

Next there are features search option, through this feature you can choose several drama series from various countries. You can choose drama series from countries that you like, which of course are available, such as Korea, Thailand, Japan and China.

You can also select movies so that your search displays movies from the drama series that you like. You can also choose variety shows through this application and this feature will automatically find what you want to find.

With this feature, it will be easier for you to find the drama series you want to watch. All you have to do is type the title of the drakor that you like, this feature will automatically search for and display it on your application screen.


Next there are features subtitles or language translator, with this feature all languages ​​in the series will be automatically translated. You can translate all the drama series that you watch into Indonesian.

However, this translation is only available for a few countries and fortunately Indonesia is included in it. Due to the insufficient production, this application only provides a few subtitles in it.

Download Series

The last one is a feature Downloads, with this feature you can download every series you like. That way you can enjoy the series that you downloaded offline on your cellphone.

This application is made for free so its features are also available for free and can be used as much as you like. That way you can download every series that you like for free and as much as you like

Thus the article we made about the site Drakor id along with the application. Thank you for your attention in reading this article to the end.

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